4 Best places in California must Visit

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California is a western U.S state it stretches around the Mexican border. California is full of beaches, red forests, mountain valleys, central valley farmland, and desert. California has all the spices that tourists want. Los Angeles is a popular destination for the Hollywood film industry. In this article, we are going to discuss the 4 best places in California one must visit as a perfect getaway on the weekend.

Best Places to visit at California

1)The Getty Centre,LA

white concrete building under the blue sky
Photo by Brian Phetmeuangmay on Pexels.com

Getty Center is a great museum, it is just 13 miles from Los Angeles downtown. Even If you want to spend the day in Los Angeles, this lush, airy museum is a great place to do it, and a full day doesn’t feel long at all. The building alone is pleasing to the eye, and the exhibits and landscaping are beautiful as well. What we have experienced is that the place is crowded but you can walk comfortably. Getty center entry is free only you need to pay for parking.

  • The Garden has artwork with rock
  • The place is having European master painting gallery
  • The place is full of sculptures

Travelers Tips for Getty Centre

  • Take your time as the museum is too big and takes a lot of time
  • The place is mostly crowded but you can walk comfortably
  • There are many food places inside and according to me, the rates are inexpensive.
  • As you need to walk more keep yourself hydrated
  • Tickets are free but it is advisable to do a reservation

2)Alcatraz Island, San Fransisco

Alcatraz Island is a great tourist place one must not miss and is 1.25 miles offshore from San Francisco. For Alcatraz, Island must one must definitely take a ferry trip downtown it is an excellent life experience. We visited the place in the evening with complete sunset and also a city light view can be observed on your journey back to the mainland. As for the tour itself, it was almost 40 minutes. The audio tour was well-handled. An entertaining trip. To go to the prison and see all facets of it was pleasing. Afterward, you have all the time you wish to check out the remainder of this island.

Travelers’ Tips for Alcatraz Island

  • Ferry/boats are beautiful and they serve snacks
  • The best time to visit is in winter January to March
  • One can book Alcatraz Island tickets prior,tickets are open 90 days prior.

3)Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

With this tramway, one can have an amazing encounter with spectacular views of the mountains. The tram rotates while moving so you can get amazing pictures from any point. The trams are frequent in operation and the crew is friendly and will guide you. One can click beautiful click on the way of Journey.

Travelers’ Tips for Palms Spring Trams

  • It is advisable to make a booking early
  • If you are planning on cold days always carry warm cloths
  • Mountain station has a restaurant, gift shop, Visitors center

4)Monterey Bay Aquarium

black and gray fish
Photo by W W on Pexels.com

I found so many articles that claim that it’s one of the greatest aquariums in America and what our experience is that it was a great place. The aquarium hosts a variety of exciting activities, such as the experience of the open sea (my favorite), a separate pool for infants and toddlers, squid, and jellyfish, as well as other seahorses and other fascinating ocean marine life. I’m totally enraptured by the flatfish!

Wrapping Up

If you are planning a day trip or weekend destination California has many tourist attractions one can enjoy the tramway, Island, ferry trips, museums, and many such attractions on the go. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

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