BF video lyrics 2022 tik tok

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bf video lyrics 2022 tik tok

Bf video lyrics 2022 tik tok ” is a viral song from Jake album finally my boyfriend

Bf video lyrics 2022 tik tok

We got short dog in the house right

hey this one for my dog bingo with my beard

what’s your favorite dog bingo is my [ __ ]

what’s your favorite dog what’s your favorite dog

hey i’m a player i do it all around and

since that’s my [ __ ] we gonna do it doggy and

i keep him on the style and when i’m

A good girl then he give a dog a bone

oh no i ain’t no good that’s the truth

hey yo holla you a dog i’m short dog

i got a lot of chicks you know bingo that’s my bottom

how that uh how’d that old song go uh

When the wind blows the cradle

hey we got the baby in the building we gotta turn up though

trying to put the kids to sleep

whoa can’t wait to hear the beat drop whoa rockabye baby

okay let’s go let’s let’s go let’s go

let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s

look let’s go got a trap house in my

Treetop use the pump work like a reebok

whoa he ain’t got no choice

then the baby finally my boyfriend

hey but i can be your boo pretty

with me i’m gonna need like three of you turn

bf video lyrics 2022 tik tok video 1

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